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South Africa avoided a second recession in two years

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
September 2019 — 302 views ALSI Economy Global Markets Inflation Investments JSE Local Markets

The US-China trade war is dominating global economy

The South African market is expected to play catch-up

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
June 2019 — 374 views ALSI Brent Crude Oil China Economy Global Markets Gulf of Oman JSE Petrol US

Local Elections and International Tension with Trade Wars

Trade battle between the US and China intensified

Trade conflict between China and the United States influencing markets

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
May 2019 — 289 views Brent Crude Oil Brexit China DAX Economy European Parliament JSE US

The Rand will remain volatile in the elections

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
May 2019 — 393 views 8 May 2019 ALSI Brent Crude Oil DAX Election Day FTSE Global Markets JSE Local Markets

Market returns for the first three months

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
April 2019 — 396 views ALSI Brexit Economy Inflation Investments JSE Moody's SA Reserve Bank SARS South Africa US

SARS is planning on taxing expats – what does this mean, and how does it affect you?

Ms. Grove, M (Marli)
March 2019 — 657 views Estate Expats Foreign Employment Government National Treasury New Legislation SARS South Africa

Economic highlights that affected the local economy last week

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
March 2019 — 767 views 2019 ALSI Brent Crude Oil Brexit DAX FOMC FTSE Human Rights Day JSE Load-shedding Politics

Local equity market and the all-share index gained 3.41% in February

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
March 2019 — 404 views Brexit Economy FTSE Investments JSE Rand

Local fuel is set to rise this week

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
February 2019 — 386 views 2019 Economy Inflation Invest JSE Rand Wealth

A review of the economy in 2018

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
January 2019 — 432 views 2019 Economy Elections Global Markets Invest JSE Local Markets Rand Wealth

A year in review for investments

Volatility in the markets create opportunities

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
December 2018 — 407 views Economy Global Markets Investments JSE News Stock Market

Brexit: UK and the EU months of negotiations coming to an end

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
November 2018 — 456 views Brexit Economy Global Markets Investments JSE Local Markets South Africa Stock Market

South Africa’s central bank increased its benchmark lending rate

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
November 2018 — 356 views Economy Global Markets Inflation Investments JSE Rand Stock Market

International markets and US mid-term elections

Ms. Grove, J (Juzelle)
November 2018 — 468 views Economy Global Markets Invest Investments JSE News Rand Stock Market

The biggest monthly drawdown in 5 years

Local markets continue their downward trend

Mr. Steyn, JP (Johan)
October 2018 — 495 views Economy Global Markets Inflation Invest Investments JSE Rand South Africa US Treasury Wealth

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