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Estates and Trusts

Your last will and testament is one of your most valuable documents.

It gives you the ability to distribute your estate, choose your heirs, appoint guardianship, and give your most precious belongings to your chosen people. But it’s important to keep in mind that a last will is a part of an estate plan, not an entire estate plan. Securitas Trusts and Estates are experts at assisting you to plan your estate for the future of your loved ones after you have passed away.

We will assist in setting up your last will and testament, as well as prepare a comprehensive estate plan tailored to your specific situation. As the executor of the deceased estate, we take the hands of your loved ones after your passing and allow them to work through their loss while we ensure that the estate is seamlessly finalised.

We provide the following services

Creating a comprehensive
estate and succession plan.

Assisting with the drafting of
your last will and testament.

Acting as executors of
your deceased estate.